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Inspired Visions – Empowered Choices – Proven Results

Welcome to the home page of Orest Zwozdesky International!

We specialize in assisting people to create inspiring Visions for the future and empowered Voices that speak to what’s possible when we work together toward a common purpose with passion.  We all win when we have found a place to belong and freely express our Visions and Voices.

The main things that set us apart from other organizations is that our work is informed by Indigenous knowledge systems. We are also committed  to a set of Eco-ethics that include adherence to the principles of Triple Bottom Line accounting, as well as following the Harvard Business Schools’ MBA Oath of Responsible Value Creation.

Let us help you to re-purpose those internal messages or organizational stories and beliefs that are masquerading as truths.  These subconscious beliefs can throw us off track and out of alignment with who we are and what we aim to do.

One of the cornerstones of our beliefs is that creating an overarching vision for your life, or the life of your company’s endeavor is integral to understanding and co-creating  a lasting purpose.  If you are not actively working towards unity, then chances are you may be unknowingly tracking towards extinction.  Propel yourself forward swiftly, confidently and with a definite knowing as it relates to your direction and watch as the pieces of the puzzle begin to miraculously fall into place.

It’s said that the longest journey we will make in this lifetime is from our heads into our hearts and back again with the necessary wisdom to navigate life in a good way.

During these times of accelerated growth and change it can be easy to become distracted by all of the events going on in life.  These events can quickly draw us out of our heart center in dramatic fashion, sometimes creating stressful challenges.  These times are calling for us to remember who we are and transform anything that stands in the way of our being the fullest expression of the creativity and passion that is being lived through us.  Our belief is that we exist within a field of unlimited possibilities and we are calling for ourselves to make the leap of creativity and understand that we are not separate from anything within Creation.   It is becoming increasingly apparent to those that can see,  feel or sense the inner callings of their own awakening that we are moving in the direction of knowing a larger and deeper view of reality as it presents itself to us.  Moreover, we are also witnessing and experiencing our interconnection with this ever expanding reality and the effects it is having on the structures of our lives and societies.   We are being given the opportunity to reinvent the lives of our choosing and play within this vast array of flowing energies in a way that reflects back to us pathways to fearlessly follow towards freedom, evolution and flow.  We are all supporting one another in an unfathomable way to uplift and empower ourselves from outmoded ways of being and doing, so that we might create new visions for ourselves, our families and our planet.